Marketing Assistance

Through your partnership with Republic Bank, you will have access to significant marketing assistance that includes a variety of in-office materials and print and online advertising templates – all designed to help you attract and retain customers by promoting the Bank Products you offer. Additionally, we provide customer disclosure materials to help ensure taxpayers clearly understand all of their tax filing options and important information about Refund Transfers and Easy Advances.

In-Office Materials

Available for order by logging into your account above.

Select materials available in Spanish.

Postcard Postcards

Print Advertising

A variety of print ad templates are available for download from the Marketing Support page when you log into your account above.

Online Advertising

Log into your account above and click on Marketing Support to access our digital marketing resources including ready to use images, icons and language for your website as well as sample Facebook, Twitter or other social media posts.

ERO Produced Advertising

If you would like to create your own Bank Product advertising or marketing, it must first be submitted for review to Republic Bank at before December 16th, 2016.