Receivables Assistance*

Republic Bank is helping you manage your early season cash flow issues!

  • Did you find it challenging to meet payroll last January?
  • Did delays in the filing season have you scratching and clawing to meet the financial needs of your business?
  • Did you find out about Republic’s Receivables Assistance Program too late to take advantage of it?

We understand that getting your tax business up and running each tax season is expensive. Computers, software, training, employees, and advertising expenses all add up, and for many of your customers who choose a Bank Product, you don’t receive your tax preparation fees until tax refunds are issued. To help ease these cash flow issues, Republic Bank is offering a LOW COST Receivables Assistance Program.

*Receivables Assistance Program only available for EROs whose tax software partner sends Republic Bank taxpayer IRS e-file information. ERO offices signed up for Receivables Assistance Program will be charged a 2% origination fee on each dollar loaned.

How It Works:

Republic Bank will provide advance payment of 50% of your tax preparation fees on all acknowledged returns with a Refund Transfer at the beginning of filing season to help you make ends meet until IRS funding begins. Once funding begins, we will withhold 50% of your regularly scheduled tax preparation fee payments to pay back the balance. This low cost service provides your business help before IRS and State funding begins.

For additional details and to sign-up, please log into your account using your EFIN and password above and click on the Office Info heading.

What Republic EROs Said About RAP:

“It was a god send!! Thank you very much!”

“With the IRS taking longer each year for the deposits, the RAP is great so you have some cash flow coming in, you don’t feel like you’re working so hard and not getting paid.”

“With the delay in the start of Electronic Filing these last two years, it has really helped with needed money to buy supplies, pay payroll, etc.”