Pricing Plans

Choose your Refund Transfer (RT) pricing plan!

With Republic Bank, you have options** when it comes to offering RT’s to your clients. We let you decide what works best for your business. Better yet, you can choose either plan and still offer Easy Advance!

Check back in the fall for 2018 Season details!

1. Low Cost Leader Option

Want the word on the street to be that you have the lowest prices around for Refund Transfers? If so, this option is for you. At $25 for a Refund Transfer with a $3 subsequent deposit fee, you’ll have the lowest price around! Also, you will get a $5 revenue share for each Prepaid Card that you issue.

2. Revenue Share Option

At a price point of $35 per Refund Transfer and $10 per subsequent deposit, Republic Bank will pay you an $8 revenue share for the first Refund Transfer and $5 per subsequent deposit. Add in another $5 revenue share for customers that choose a Prepaid Card and you have the opportunity this year to earn $18 per customer.

**Product pricing and details may vary. To see your software provider details, choose from below: